A new standard for vulvas

We launched DUSK with a dedicated ambition to change and make an impact for both female health and for the planet. For decades women have been paying high prices for mass produced feminine hygiene products made from plastics and synthetics that causes high risk of allergy, skin irritation and in severe cases TSS. 

DUSK wants to challenge this and create gentle and sustainable products - to say it in short  we want to create better alternatives for your vulva, for the planet and the collective female health. 

This is not something that’s just done over night. We don't believe the hype about cheap mass production, scale and fast growth. We are in it for the long run – for the bigger picture, for making a real difference as good as we possible can.

Slow pace

This might sound revolutionary in a time where everything is in a hurry. But we need to really take our time to discover, product innovate and design safe and sustainable products (that we actually need) – for once: take the time to indulge vaginal health. 

Made by people with vulvas

Historically: products made for women have been designed by men. This is a long talk, but to keep it short: All of our products are developed, designed and tested by people with vulvas – or as we say: By people who have been there too. 

Keep improving

We're constantly learning and researching to stay at the forefront of female health products. But we can always improve - and we have too. We should never stop by "it's good enough". That's why user-feedback, user-research and user co-creation is the very core of our business, and something we deeply appreciate.

Holistic approach

We believe in karma and that health is harmony and we want to make the world and the approach to the body more gentle and holistic. 


There's a lack of transparency when it comes to femcare products. We want to challenge this and be a brand that you can trust.