We believe that the values we live and work by, can create a change in the world we live in. And we think a change is needed. So these principles are our guiding light in everything that we do.

01 ALL PEOPLE WELCOME. Intimate care is about people so we stand for inclusion for all. 

02 KEEP IT SIMPLE. We believe in keeping things simple. Be it design or products. No plastic, no perfume, no pink taxes.

03 CARING IS SHARING. We value self care and planet care. We think all should. 

04 KNOWING YOUR BODY IS OWNING YOUR BODY. We think that examining your body and being curious about it is a great way of connecting with yourself. With self exploration comes self confidence. And we want to empower everyone to go exploring. 

05 LET’S BE FRANK. We need to be honest and frank about intimate topics to raise our awareness to the next level. No more metaphors or secret code language for vagina, menstruation, PMS, hot flushes, horneyness or hormonal migraines. 

06 THINK WITH YOUR BODY. In a world where we forgot all about intuition and emotions, we trust following a holistic mindset at DUSK. And support it through science, data and evidence.