Body Talk with Vega Hulten-Pein

Body Talk is an ode for all bodies and diverse bodily experiences. Nobody and no body is alike. Even though mainstream media sometimes tells us the opposite. That’s why we want to start inspiring conversations with a reminder to foster a gentle relationship to our own body.

Say hi to Vega Hultén-Pein. She is the founder of the podcast SlutPod, that’s on a mission to create and change the language of sex.

Tell us a bit about SlutPod - why did you make it in the first place?
I thought there was a cherry that needed popping, in a sense. Whenever I talked to my friends (or anyone really), I noticed a barrier around sex, where we didn’t share much with each other. Nothing about sextoys, orgasms (or lack thereof) or even just good sensations, was brought up. Nothing other than the fact that “Yes, the sex did happen”, and I honestly thought that was really sad. I mean, how are we supposed to open a conversation about our needs and wants with a partner, if we can’t even do it with our friends? Also, I could only find sexpodcasts in the danish scene, where it was people of academic status, talking about statistics and research on the subject - so I guess you can say I created SlutPod because I wanted to get into the more “juicy stuff”. To open a conversation about sex - between, and for, people who are having it.

If you should describe your relationship with your body in three words, what three words would you use?
Ambivalent, developing and explorative. I’ve previously suffered with anorexia and selective eating disorder, so to say my relationship with my body has always been good, would be to lie. I’m still a big-time perfectionist, both in terms of my body but also just life in general, but I’m really trying to work on that. On the other hand, I’m really curious about my body, and exploring the way it works so it’s a two-edged sword really.

When do you feel most at ease in your body?
It’s definitely a tie between the feeling I get, when pretending to be a back-up dancer for Britney Spears in the mirror, and the feeling I get after being roughly dominated in bed. The first, makes me feel god-like, and the second - very gentle and small. Both take my mind off my insecurities.

Is there anything about the body in general that you would like to be more accepted in society?
I think everything about the body, should be more accepted in society. Smells, sounds, fluids, shapes - I could go on for hours. As a society, we have a lot of work to do in breaking down the idea of the body as something that is supposed to be a certain way.

What's the best advice you ever got from your mom?
My mom is literally a bottomless hole when it comes to good advice, haha. But if I have to pick something, I think it’s the way she never ever judges me (to my face lol), no matter what we are talking about. She always respects (and cherishes) my way of seeing the world, and to me - that is a really unique trait to have. It’s something I strive to live by, so I hope that counts as advice.

What are you most proud of about your body?
I’m proud of my whole body, for being a bad bitch and putting up with me and all the shit I talk about her, because she really doesn’t deserve it. Also, she can literally BIRTH A CHILD, if she wants to. Like what.

Any selfcare advice you want to share?
Rest. Goddamnit. And generally, just try to listen to the signals, your body is giving you. Also, cry as much as you want to, haha. It’s okay to feel like a little, scared child sometimes.

If you were to write an ode to your 15 year old body - how would it sound?
Your pussy looks normal, baaaaaabe. And you really don’t have to shaaaave. Also, did you eat todaaaaay? A lyrical genius, I know.

Thank you for sharing, Vega. Finally we would love to hear - who are your feminist muses?
Basically, my entire instagram feed is. But to name a few: Lina Dune is someone who inspires me a lot, because she makes BDSM “chewable” for newbies. I think a lot of people view BDSM as only being about inflicting pain but it is so much more and can be really therapeutic actually. She also has a Patreon with multiple chat forums, where you can exchange knowledge and ideas with other kinksters so she’s really getting in there on spreading the love. Super cool. Outside the internet, I’d say my mom and my friends are my feminist muses-in-action. But really anyone, who makes a great effort to make an impact on this world for the greater good, inspires me.