DUSK is a Scandinavian based femcare brand founded by Christina Høgh Selmer Kirk and Sine Cecilie Laub on a mission to improve womxn's intimate health and to change an outdated industry.  

"In 2012 I found out that I had PCOS. I was already living a somewhat healthy life but I became even more aware of how I could “treat” my PCOS by avoiding hormone-disruptors from food, fabrics and skincare. But I was surprised how difficult it was to avoid chemicals and hormone-disruptors in femcare products such as shavers, pads and tampons - products you use so close to your most sensitive areas! I want to challenge this old and dirty industry and make sustainable and healthy alternatives" – Christina, christina@duskcare.com


"I’ve always had an innate curiosity about womxn, their lives and bodies. My interest resulted in “Gennemblødt”, a book about the cultural history of menstruation, published in 2016. It hit a nerve. Because it both opened the door to a more open and frank conversation about periods and bodies, but also created a backlash. This emboldened me to further dedicate my energy to nurture the growing interest in how we talk and 'treat' our bodies. We still have a long way to go before we can openly speak about periods, menopause and womxn's intimate health. I started DUSK to change that." – Sine, sine@duskcare.com


At DUSK we work with a wide range of creative minds and diverse voices to help us develop the future of femcare. 

Head of Visuals: Emilie Thalund // Content Creation: Augusta Rosenbech Scheving

We are always on the look out for people who want to join our mission - maybe you? Send us a mail on hello@duskcare.com <3