DUSK is a Scandinavian based body brand built on empathy, inclusivity and transparencyDUSK is founded by Christina Høgh Selmer Kirk and Sine Cecilie Laub on a mission to improve women's intimate health and to change an outdated industry. All people are welcome. 

Christina and Sine combine their different backgrounds in order to create the change. 

For more than a decade Christina has worked with healthtech, sustainability and innovation. Living with the hormonal imbalance PCOS she has a passion for creating awareness about hormonal balance and breaking taboos around womxn’s intimate health. Reach out: christina@duskcare.com

With a background in communication Sine’s true passion is telling stories and creating awareness about menstrual equity and womxn's liberation in all its forms. Sine has written a book about the cultural history of menstruation which started an intense debate that is still vibrating. Reach out: sine@duskcare.com

At DUSK we work with a wide range of creative minds and diverse voices to help us develop the future of intimate care. 

Head of Visuals: Emilie Thalund // Content Creation: Augusta Rosenbech Scheving

We are always on the look out for people who want to join our mission - maybe you? Send us a mail on hello@duskcare.com <3