We never really felt represented by the femcare industry. Intimate care products filled with bleach, plastic and endocrine-disruptors, marketing making menstruation shameful and a focus on one-off-purchases instead of sustainability. 

DUSK is what we have missed ourselves. A space for sustainable intimate care products made and developed by people who have been there too.

We believe that intimate care should be all about care, how banal it might sound. Care for your vulva, our planet and the collective female health. Our focus is on creating intimate care that harmonize with Mother Earth and your vulvas PH-balance. 

Christina & Sine - founders of DUSK 


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Christina Høgh Selmer KirkCO-FOUNDER & CEO
Product Development, Investment & Finance, Administration and Strategic Partnerships.

Sine Cecilie Laub: CO-FOUNDER
Branding, Communication & PR and Commercial Partnerships.

Emilie Thalund
Visual advisory

Frida Abildgaard
UX Design and Content Production.