When we first created our signature oil, we wanted to create an oil that was 100% pure and organic. An oil that would suit everything from a sore pregnancy belly, vaginal dryness to massage and self exploration - an all-purpose oil.

It took us almost a year to find the best combination of pure cold pressed oils that would make our gentle formula consist of plum, rosehip and baobab - that combined will leave your skin nourished, hydrated, plump, and glowy.

Rich in rejuvenating omega fatty acids from plant sources, this nourishing blend is perfect for daily use - for your face, your body and your most sensitive areas. It's ideal and safe for all skin types to use, especially if you have sensitive, acne or allergy prone skin. 

We have listed some of the main benefits of plum, rosehip and baobab:

Ingredient: Plum cold-pressed oil
Main benefits: Plum oil are rich in fatty acids as well as antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E. It both brightens and plumps skin, protects against radical damage and oxidative stress, and aids in cellular repair, sebum production, and skin turnover.
Who can use it: Plum oil is beneficial to all skin types as it is a lightweight, noncomedogenic oil and safe for acne-prone skin. I'ts great for mature skin as it encourages cell turnover, revealing healthier, younger cells.  

Ingredient: Rosehip cold-pressed oil
Main benefits: Rosehip regenerates and heals. The oil is high in concentration of omega-6 is particularly helpful for those suffering from acne.
Who can use it: In general, rosehip oil is beneficial for all skin types.

Ingredient: Baobab cold-pressed oil
Main benefits: Baobab oil is generally known for it's regenerative abilities. It is excellent for softening skin and for healing skin imperfections due to its antioxidants. Baobab contains high amount of vitamin C and it is also packed with essential fatty acids along with vitamins A, D, E and F.
Who can use it Anyone can use baobab oil, but it's especially good if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Our signature oil is completely clean and organic. It's absolutely free from parabens, sulfates, preservatives, fragrance or chemicals. It's all natural and vegan - and carefully handmade in small batches. 

We hope you'll love it just as much as we do.

This article was last updated on 24th of June 2021.