DUSK Self Exploration Kit

350 DKK

DUSK Self Exploration Kit is for the curious mind and consists of:


DUSK All Purpose Oil protect your most sensitive areas and get things gliding. The oil is made with a delicate blend of rosehip, baobab and plum and is rich in vitamin C & E which leaves your skin soft and silky smooth. Ideal for face, body and sensitive areas and can be used for shaving, scars, stretch marks, itchy skin – and of course for gentle self exploration.

Ingredients: Rosa canina seed oil, prunus domestica seed oil, adansonia digitata seed oil

Organic / Handmade / No perfume



Have you ever wanted to see some part of your body that is frustratingly out of view? DUSK mirror is handy and perfect for Self Exploration. Take good care of it and most importantly what it reflects. 

Made of stainless steel