MATTE White Safety Razor

330 DKK

Our mission when launching our Matte White Safety Razor was to reduce the amount of plastic you have in the bathroom and offer an alternative way of shaving without hormonal disruptors. Many of us have a habit to use the regular plastic shavers that hold hormone disruptors and are bad for the environment. You might think that the Safety Razor looks a bit scary but don’t worry. By changing your shaving and habits you are doing your body and the environment a favor. Follow the instructions below and the razor will work for you. 


DUSK Safety Razor is sturdy which makes it easy to use and the weight of it will do the work. It’s designed to give you the ability to make a clean cut of the hair, reducing the risk of ingrown hairs and leaving your skin soft and smooth. 

Two blades are included and it varies how often you have to change them - it depends on how much hair you remove, the thickness of it, and how often. Some change them after 7 times of usage and others after a few weeks/months. It is important that they feel sharp and when they feel dull they need to be replaced. Also for the sake of bacterias. 

No Plastic / No Perfume / Reusable