Dear Vulva,

This is an ode for you. A piece of the body that historically has been told to keep quiet, to oppress lust and desire and to hide away blood and fluids. The vulva. Mainstream media has for decades created a distorted image of how you should look, feel and smell. From blue liquid in advertising to perfume in pads, from old school drawings in sex-ed books to porn. Let’s get familiar again. With our bodies and the vulva. It might sound a bit like the seventies, but with self-examination comes self-confidence. By learning the curves and folds of your labia, clitoris, and all parts of your vulva, chances are that you are more likely to recognize changes caused by unbalance. 

Look down and read your lips with our self-examination kit.

Becoming more familiar with the appearance and feeling of your vulva will ensure a better connection to your intimate parts and yourself ― for your own wellbeing, curiosity and pleasure. Right now we are working on a gentle self-examination audio guide that we can't wait to share with you.


This article was last updated on 23th of June 2021.